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Limited company KOEI-KIKO is a manufacture maker who makes a damper cutter blower a speciality.

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Damper Butterfly damper
Louver damper
Various flap dampers
Three-way damper(Diverter)
Check damper
Vane control damper
Branch damper
Double damper
Rotary dumper
Slide gate damper
Knife gate damper
Double eccentricity damper
Others Rotary scraper
Cutter blower

Product introduction

「Butterfly damper」

Butterfly damper IMAGE

But seal nature is not so high, although structure is easy, is cheap and can manufacture with a common damper.(Leak rates are about 5% and a packing touch in a metal touch, and are about 0.3%)
※A leak rate is a standard to the last, and changes with specifications.
It is used for the shut-off at a place and discharge control which are allowed some leaks.



「Louver damper」

Louver damper IMAGE

The flow in a pipe becomes close to rectification.
Although operation torque becomes small from a butterfly damper, seal nature is worse than a butterfly damper. Since Behn (shuttlecock) does not go outside even if a metal touch is common and does not lengthen between the fields of a damper main part, it can attach also with the place which a space is large and cannot be taken.
A packing touch and the type which attached the partition and improved controllability of the flow can also be manufactured.


「Various flap dampers」


「Single flap damper 」

Single flap damper IMAGESeal nature is good.
Since packing can also be attached with the leeward side, although degradation of packing can be prevented
Structure becomes complicated and a price becomes high from a butterfly damper.
Since operation torque also becomes large, what has a large caliber has not been turned to.
It is used for gas interception at the place where high seal nature is demanded by an about 2000 400 A?phi duct.
Single flap damper Operation IMAGE
Double flap damper IMAGE

「Double flap damper 」

Seal nature is equivalent to a single flap damper.
It is a 1 axis type which has packing also on the wind although torque is small,
Although torque is large, there is a 2 axis type which packing does not spread on the lee.
On structure, since manufacture with a small caliber is impossible, 1 axis is more than phi700,
2 axes is at the place where high seal nature is demanded by the duct beyond phi1500.
It is used for gas interception.


1 axis Double flap damper→→→
2 axis Double flap damper↓↓↓
Double flap damper IMAGE



Method mouth damper of three IMAGE

「Three-way damper (Diverter) 」

For the purpose of branching an exhaust gas immediately after a turbine engine and a diesel engine It is used.
It is a damper which is used at 400 ℃ ~ 600 ℃, and is equal also to a rapid rise in heat.
It is used for cogeneration etc.。


Chucky damper IMAGE

「Check damper」

If gas flows into a duct, a damper will open automatically,
If a flow stops, a damper with a counterweight
It is closed.
It is a damper to prevent the adverse current of gas.


「Vane control damper」

Behn control damper IMAGE

It is used as a fan inlet damper.
A prewhirl is given and they are the efficiency improvement of a fan, and flow control.
It is used.
Usually, it may use for a duct for the purpose of rectification.

「Branch damper」

Branch damper IMAGE

It is used as a fan inlet damper.
A prewhirl is given and they are the efficiency improvement of a fan, and flow control.
It is used.
Usually, it may use for a duct for the purpose of rectification.

「Double damper」

Double tight damper IMAGE

Granular materials, such as incineration ashes, lime, and coal, a steel ball, limestone,
It is downstream about solids, such as coke and a bulky waste pulverization thing.
A damper to discharge a fixed quantity.
A counterweight is used and it is a closed next door automatically,
With the thing to open using a gearmotor, and an air cylinder
There are some which open and close an up-and-down damper.

     Rotary dumper IMAGE

「Rotary dumper」

Granular materials, such as incineration ashes, are discharged downstream quantitatively.
A chain is used for rotation of a gearmotor and it is a damper.
A rotor is turned.


Slide gate damper IMAGE

「Slide gate damper」

It is used for interception of a gas flow, and interception of a granular material flow.
Between the flange faces of a damper is small and it is a channel at the time of full open.
Since there is no obstacle, fluid flows smoothly.


Knife gate damper IMAGE

「Knife gate damper」

The leak to the exterior and the leak lump from the outside are less than a slide gate damper
By the difference in the structure of a grand part, it is the leak of a ground,
It is the damper which improved the seal nature at the time of fully closed.
Compared with a slide gate damper, a thrust required for opening and closing
It becomes large.



「Double eccentricity damper」

Double eccentricity damper IMAGE

A butterfly-shaped sealing damper.
200 ℃ is a rubber seal and, as for 400 ℃, TADOPOLE packing and 400 ℃ or more are a metal ring seal.
It uses and offers the damper with high shelter density.

「Rotary scraper」

It attaches to the hopper of an ash collector and a storage tub, or the bottom of 減温塔, and they are granular materials (dust etc.).
Equipment conveyed to a discharge machine (a double tight damper, a rotary dumper) in fixed quantity
Rotary scraperIMAGE



「Cutter blower」

The forced draft fan in the case of also calling it paper knife Hwang and carrying out pneumatic transportation of corrugated paper and the scrap wood.
The cutter for paper knives is given to a suction opening, and it inhales, cutting and mincing corrugated paper, and It sends..
Cutter blower IMAGE





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