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Limited company KOEI-KIKO is a manufacture maker who makes a damper cutter blower a speciality.

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About a damperCONCEPT

About a damper

A damper is equipment which controls the flow of the air (gas) of an air (gas) hydraulic circuit.
A damper is resistance of as opposed to a flow completely like an action of the valve in a hydraulic circuit.
By the thing which performs control of flow by changing, if expression is changed, it can be called the valve made from canning.
As for a damper, the request of the demand point will become difficult around 1975, and a maker's technology is growth by leaps and bounds.
The history of the special article which has left the room of progress even now is shallow goods.

The difference from a valve

Since the standardized goods of a valve of a foundry piece are fundamentally common and mass production is possible,
Although the price becomes cheap if it is below 200A~300A,
When temperature is 200 ℃ or more, a problem may appear in use.
Since a damper is a canning article, a caliber can also be equivalent to temperature also with freedom and a broad temperature,
If a caliber becomes large, it is possible for it to be as cheap as it not to become as compared with a valve, and to manufacture.



530-3, iucho, Nara-shi, Nara-ken,

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